Pokémon Bank Delayed a Day Before Planned Launch

Well, it was too good to be true. The ability to transfer over your Gen V Pokémon has come to a screeching halt. Nintendo has been having tons of server issues within the last twenty four hours. There have been an overload of users on the servers and eShop what with Christmas and Pokémon Bank occurring at the same time. They’ve shut down its Japanese server and earlier changed the eShop launch dates from 12/27 to TBD.

As of right now, access to the eShop has been cut off. Now, players who just received the game cannot download the 1.2 patch which is necessary for going online nor can they download the fixed saved data glitch. Players in all regions are affected. Japanese players can’t get the rest of their Pokémon and nobody else will be able to transfer a single one. Japanese players can’t even connect to the bank at all. There have been documented cases of cheated or hacked Pokémon making their way to X and Y. Some people have battled online against Pokémon who have certain abilities not found outside of Gen V. It was probably all due to miscalculating the massive amounts of fans trying to connect but will hopefully get fixed soon.