Traditional Shoot-em-up Gaiabreaker Released on Japanese Wii U eShop

Our second bit of SHMUP news for your post-Christmas commentary concerns the Wii U and the shoot-em-up genre. See, when the generation shift was first being talked about, the SHMUP community was hot with debate regarding where the next shoot-em-up titles would land. Would Microsoft’s system reign supreme yet again for being the one-stop shop for all a gamer’s genre-needs; would developers finally mass-migrate to the PlayStation, where the type of gamer who appreciates such titles would more likely be found; or would studios take a gamble and go with Nintendo’s Wii U and figure out how to use the GamePad in some clever way? While that question has yet to be answered, and probably won’t be for a while, we now know that at least one developer is banking on the Big N.

Yesterday, Gaiabreaker was released in Japan on the Wii U’s eShop. Gaiabreaker is a traditional SHMUP, is all senses of the term, from developer Ubiquitous Entertainment, and can be played on one’s TV or the GamePad. From mere observation, it appears that players will be able to rotate the Wii U controller to play Gaiabreaker in the coveted TATE mode (genre elitists will know what that means and go bonkers because of it). The best part of all this, however, is that Gaiabreaker doesn’t appear to be some halfhearted eShop release, as the game supports Miiverse and allows players to see how far others have made it in each stage — a neat little feature no doubt, though one we don’t have all the details on just yet.

That being said, some fans will see this and immediately order themselves a Japanese Wii U just to play the game, which if you have exorbitant amounts of disposable income and a hardcore shoot-em-up loyalist will probably be the only way you will ever get a chance to play the game. If Gaiabreaker has just simply peeked your interested, then maybe hold back on that purchase and scope the screenies below to see what the game is all about.

Thanks, Siliconera!