Steam Holiday Sale Day 10 Deals

Steam‘s tenth day of deals are some of the best yet. SimCity 4 can be yours for $5, while GODUS gets a 50% discount to $10. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion gets that same deal, while Torchlight II is a mere $5. Garry’s Mod’s gets its seemingly bi-weekly sale price slashed to $2.50, while the incredible Dust: An Elysian Tail is only $3.74. The less-incredible, but much funnier Deadpool can be yours for $10, while Saints Row IV plummets to $20, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is $5. The present flash sale takes Gunpoint down to $3.39, Shelter back to its community price of $2.50, Evoland down to $2.50, and RAGE down to $5. The community choice deal allows you to get Snow for $7.50.