Tasty Poison Games Sale Hits OUYA

Tasty Poison Games has released three games on the OUYA platform and they’re celebrating the holidays by discounting all of them. The most well-known of the bunch is definitely Neon Shadow – their good-looking and fun to play FPS that has some rough edges due to glitches, but is a lot of fun to play online. It feels a lot like what an N64 game would feel like with a slightly more modern twist – so if you loved the Perfect Dark remake, you may want to pick that up for $2 instead of its usual $5. Dig! is another game that’s on sale that gives you a more modern take on the classic Qix, and that will now only cost you 99 cents instead of $2. The third title on sale here is Pocket RPG – an action-oriented dungeon-crawler that should satisfy a desire to hack and slash things. While only Neon Shadow strikes me as a must-have here, it’s great to see more developers embracing sales on the OUYA storefront.