Ellen DeGeneres Gives Wii U to Entire Audience, Looks Apologetic

Ellen DeGeneres? More like Ellen The Generous, am I right? I mean, am I right guys or what? AM I RIGHT?

Ahem. Regardless of how her name is supposed to be spelled, guests in her audience received quite the holiday gift package earlier this week. Her show had been giving out all sorts of assorted goodies as a 12 Days of Giveaways promotion, none of which involved geese a laying or turtledoves to the disappointment of avian enthusiasts everywhere. Instead, people got gift cards and electronics and things people actually want. People who came to her show on the 13th day of the promotion were in luck because apparently someone at The Ellen Degeneres Show is terrible at counting and everyone still got some surprise gifts. The freebies included a variety of gift cards to places I’ve never heard of (Tar-Get?) and a big ticket item of the Wii U Skylanders bundle.

I don’t know what percentage of the Ellen audience knew what the hell a Wii U was, but the promise of free stuff meant the audience absolutely lost their mind. The one person who looked less than enthused? Ellen herself. Check out her face after giving away a gift card to Cloud 9 Living, some place I’m pretty sure she’s making up.


Now look at her face after the Wii U reveal.


Remember, this is Ellen Degeneres, a person that until now I was almost positive was physically unable to not smile. This is the least enthused I’ve ever seen a host after a giveaway. Remember when Oprah was all like “YOU GET A CAR AND YOU GET A CAR AND YOU GET A CAR!” and she was screaming and shaking audience members by the throat? Ellen doesn’t even look interested. That is a “I’m so sorry I couldn’t find enough PS4s” face, or possibly one of mild constipation. Either way, this is not the face of someone that is excited to be doing something.


Come on, Ellen? Where are the crazy dances? Can we at least get a smile? You’re giving away a (somewhat) sought after (somewhat) next generation video game console. This is the face you give when you give someone a colonoscopy, not a nifty new toy. I’m also not sure if the person setting up the display here was any more enthused about the system because they didn’t seem to have any idea with what the Wii U does either. Here’s a fun party game: find the actual Wii U console in the photo below. It isn’t as easy as you might think!


Looks like someone got a bit too excited about the tablet and forgot to unpack the sleek little box that it was packaged with. I’m guessing if you asked the audience, there would be a decent portion that think this thing is just a tablet they can hand to their kids to get them to shut up for half an afternoon. Still, while they might be trying to play “Where’s Waldo” with the Wii U and Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t be bothered to crack at least a smirk, this was probably a nice piece of promotion for Nintendo. It is no secret that the Wii U has been struggling mightily in terms of sales, and a nice mainstream promotion like this could help Nintendo out with the demographics they need. Feel free to check out the video below, and skip to the end if you want to see people jump up and down for something they probably didn’t even know about before walking into the studio.