Mighty No. 9’s Call Finalized By Fan Vote

The votes are collected and officially counted, and Mighty No. 9’s robo-helper Call now has an official design.  The mighty hero Beck has been finalized from the start, but Call’s design had been left to the community to decide from among nine separate possibilities.  The first round of voting trimmed the list down to three finalists, and now that round 2 is complete we have a winner.

CallHComing in 3rd, with 15.47% of the vote, was Call H.


CallE2nd place was close, with Call E’s 41.14% coming within 2% of the top spot.

And finally the winner, taking 43.39% of the votes, is Call.  No letter for her any more because she’s no longer a candidate but rather the official design for Beck’s helper, and even a playable character in a bonus level.


Next up- quietly grumbling that the awesome E design got robbed while anticipating Mighty No. 9’s 2015 release date.  It’s going to be a looooong 15-month (minimum) wait.