Heroine’s Quest Released For Free

Heroine’s Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok, an adventure/RPG hybrid with various puzzles, quests and of course, a world to save,  has been released and can be downloaded for free from Crystal Shard.

The game features multiple character classes, each with their own unique side quests, 32 voice acted characters with animated portraits, over a hundred hand-painted backgrounds, thousands of sprite animations, and plenty of optional quests with alternative solutions for replayability.

According to the developers, players should “expect something new” from the battle system as well, as the team decided not to mimic any system currently available. Those of you wishing to recapture the magic of early roleplaying games will feel right at home, as Heroine’s Quest was “designed in the spirit and atmosphere of the classics.”

For more information, follow Heroine’s Quest on Facebook or visit the Crystal Shard website.