Acclaimed Indie Game ‘To the Moon’ Gets a Bonus Episode

Released quietly in 2011, To the Moon went on to garner overwhelming critical acclaim for its thoughtful storytelling and well-rounded characters. Although a sequel is in the works (these things take time when they’re made by a single developer), Freebird Games have released a bonus episode of the game. Not much is known about its content yet (although we’re planning on downloading it and playing it as soon as we can), but it’s said to be about twenty minutes long and revolve around the two doctors.

If you have a Steam version of the game, you’ll need to go to the game’s folder and open the newly added “SigCorp – Holiday Special (Bonus Game).” If you don’t have the Steam version, Freebird has made the update free to download here. If you don’t have either version, it can be had on Steam for the next few days at a substantially discounted $2.99.