Best-of Humble Bundle Winter Sale Deals Begin

The Humble Bundle Winter sale has brought some solid savings in a chilly time, and now they’re having a best-of sale in case you were away for the holidays. From Tuesday December 31 until Friday January 3, you can get some major savings on games available in the humble store. Some sales are temporary, like getting Europa Universalis IV for $10. Others will last the duration of the sale, so if you want to get Monaco for $3, Guacamelee! for $4, or Rogue Legacy for $5, you’ve got some time. Audiosurf can be yours for only $1, while Game Dev Tycoon is $5. Don’t Starve’s also only $5, while Dust: An Elysian Tail is $3.75. Gone Home is a shade under $7, and Papers, Please is down to $5.