New Homebrew Platformer Released for Sega Master System

Yes, you did just read that right. There is a new game out for the Sega Master System, which originally released back in 1986. If you weren’t aware, devoted fans of classic consoles often continue to create new games for the platforms long after their obsolescence.

The game in question is called Geki Oki PunPun Maru (激怒ぷんぷん丸) and was developed by Future Driver. It was released as a free ROM download and, as homebrew,  is completely legal to download and play.

Although the game is in Japanese, there’s no need to understand the language. The platformer tasks players with simply bounding across platforms to destroy enemy ninjas, birds, and pigs. This is accomplished by huffing angry puffs of steam up at them. Geki Oki PunPun Maru might seem easy, but it’s actually quite difficult! Give it a try and see if you can beat all twelve stages.