Ultra Rare ‘Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition’ Back in Stock at Microsoft Store

While Killer Instinct didn’t get an Xbox One retail release, it did get a limited edition of sorts available exclusively through the Microsoft Store. It was made available in extremely limited quantities and sold out quickly, leading to little discussion about the set after the fact. Since then, it’s only been available on reseller sites like eBay, easily fetching over a hundred dollars. Thankfully, the set is now back in stock at the Microsoft Store for its original MSRP of $59.99.

The set gives the game a physical presence in your collection by including a pin folio and two Pinny Arcade Killer Instinct Pins (Jago and Killer). Each character will get its own pin that can be earned through community and in-game efforts. A download code for the full game is also included.

There’s no word on how long this stock will last, so those interested would be advised to purchase now and ask questions later.