Nastume Giving Out Free Plush Alpacas for New Year’s Promotion

Natsume, best known as the developers of the Harvest Moon series, have a special fondness for plush animals. Whenever a new game comes out, they always make sure to pair it with one of their adorable plushes as a pre-order bonus.

Originally, Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns launched on DS and 3DS alongside an alpaca plush. Natsume seems to still have a boat load of the creatures on hand because they are being used in a New Year’s promotion.

Buying nearly any game from Natsume’s online store will reward purchasers with their very own alpaca. In fact, the only title that the deal doesn’t apply to is Hometown Story (their latest game). Plush alpacas are being given away from now until January 31st, so snag yours soon!