Luigi’s Mansion Figurine Now Sold Out at Club Nintendo, Fetching Hundreds of Dollars on eBay

It looks like Nintendo’s plan of finally offering a worthwhile Club Nintendo reward and/or reducing the amount of coins in circulation was a success, as the Luigi’s Mansion Figurine has sold out at Club Nintendo. Originally added on December 18, the figurine took all of two weeks to sell out. There were reports from some who ordered when it was still available that the item was “backordered” in their order history, so there’s even a possibility that not all who ordered one will receive one.

Hopefully those who wanted one did so, however, as they’re already fetching a commanding sum on eBay. A quick search on the online auction giant reveals that no figure has yet to sell under $149.99, with one listing successfully selling for $299.99. Both of those ended before the item officially went out of stock on Club Nintendo, leading to speculation for if the limited edition figurine could go even higher in value.