Renegade Kid Teasing “Big” 3DS FPS Announcement

Renegade Kidd, who is best known for creating a series of critically¬†successful indie DS games (Dementium: The Ward, Dementium II and Moon) and their 3DS debut, Mutant Mudds, is back on the latter console with an intriguing new project. Studio Co-founder and director Jools Watsham tweeted today that they “have a pretty big announcement coming up later this month. Something FPS lovers and 3DS owners might be happy about.”

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 11.45.06 AM
Watsham didn’t follow-up that tweet with any more hints (besides confirming Circle Pad Pro users would also be happy), unfortunately, but the fact that he said that it’s something that 3DS owners would be happy about leads us to believe it’s something involving a pre-existing game series. Or just a great game. Who knows, only time will tell — and we’ll make sure to follow the story and update you with any news.