Xbox One Almost Had No Disk Drive

Microsoft’s Xbox One was announced May 2013 to a string of controversies.  Its controversial always-online and sharing policies were heavily criticized by the gaming community.  Former executive Don Mattrick added heat to the fire telling people that if they wanted a machine that wasn’t always-online then they could by an Xbox 360.  The amount of hate was unbelievable, which makes it a good thing they disk drive.

Speaking with OXM, Microsoft Studios head revealed that the Xbox One almost didn’t have a disk drive.  In fact, even going into E3 the company was still considering scrapping the blu-ray disk drive announced at the reveal event.

“Obviously, after the announcement and E3, there was some feedback about what people wanted to change,” he explained. “There was a real discussion about whether we should have an optical disc drive in Xbox One or if we could get away with a purely disc-less console, but when you start looking at bandwidth and game size, it does create issues.

“So we decided – which I think was the right decision – to go with the Blu-ray drive and give the people an easy way to install a lot of content. From some of those original thoughts, you saw a lot of us really focusing on the digital ecosystem you see on other devices – thinking of and building around that.”

This was definitely the smart thing to do.  Sony proved in 2009 with the PSP Go that the world isn’t ready for a true downloadable-console.  Plus, Microsoft probably didn’t need any more hate then what they were already getting at the time.