Eye-Tracking Technology From Tobii Coming 2014

It wasn’t long ago that touch-screen devices were a thing of sci-fi imagineering, and motion controls were an evening alone with Def Leppard and an air-guitar. Technology, the crafty witch that she is, has a nice way of busting through whatever high-tech appliance is dazzling the crowd with something bigger, better and more affordable. Now, thanks to hardware developer Tobii, and peripheral manufacturer SteelSeries, the EyeX Engine is born, bringing with it an era of potentially useful eye-tracking technology that could change how we see video games forever.

Using what the company calls “passive gaze triggers,” the folks at Tobii believe it’s possible to utilize the tech to enhance AI, creating superior gaming experiences. An EyeX Engine developers kit is available to programmers interested in working with the hardware, and will be sold through Tobii directly for $95.

What do we think about this technology? Honestly, it’s difficult to determine the usefulness of something before its been applied to any sort of functioning application, but there’s surely a future for eye-tracking software in video games. Perhaps, if utilized appropriately, it will become something that works in conjunction with the Oculus Rift, creating a truly immersive virtual-reality experience. Alternatively, companies could use this software in all sorts of creepy ways, but only time will tell if either is worth the cost of development. According to a video released by the company this week, the hardware is set to launch mid-2014.