Continue? Brings Existentialism to Steam

Although gaming has long since been considered a “fun” hobby, there’s no doubt that more and more games have challenged this concept. Titles like Papers, Please were certainly games – but was it fun to deprive innocent people entry to a country? A title by the name of Continue?9876543210 seeks to continue the trend of games that make you think, rather than simply entertain.

The basic story of Continue? is that you’re a video game character who has died. At that point, they are left to explore the Random Access Memory before the system is shut down. Of course, RAM data terminates at that point, meaning your character’s “true” death is inevitable.

There are six characters to play as and eleven areas to explore. Each new game will start you off with a randomly assigned character as well as a selection of six levels. Continue?’s launch on Steam has it discounted by 20%. Until January 10th, you can snag a copy for $7.99.