Criterion Founders to Start New Gaming Company

Like many publishers, Electronic Arts and their assets are at a stage of change as the video game industry moves forward. For Criterion Vice President Alex Ward and Creative Director Fiona Sperry, who are most accredited for their high-octane Burnout racing series, EA is now a thing of the past.

According to Polygon, Ward and Sperry have been confirmed by an EA spokesperson to have now cut ties with the company. The former Criterion creative talents are now embarking on new journey as seen on their LinkedIn accounts, creating a possibly new IP which has been codenamed “Project Zero.”

However, it has been confirmed by Ward’s via tweet that he and Sperry are starting up a new company. This could be “Project Zero” or something completely different.

There are no other details regarding any other new activities, but EA and Criterion are certainly going to be facing some problems with some of their best known IP’s now that they’re short of the two men who founded their studio.

EA has now appointed Matt Webster as the leading developer for Criterion games, but there is still some heavy concern about how the “Need for Speed” and “Burnout” series will look this year. Will they start making these games more story-driven or will they try to aim for a Gran Turismo-esque feel? With the Criterion having had much of their creative direction mandated by Ward and Sperry, the studio has some big shoes to fill in 2014. Let’s hope that they’re the right size.