Indie Game ‘Rust’ Sells Over 150,000 Copies in First Two Weeks on Steam

While there has been figures floating around that reveal that a AAA game from a major publisher has to sell something like two million copies to become a success, the rules are a lot different for indie titles. In fact, selling the game period is usually a huge milestone, so when sales numbers start to reach triple digits, it’s worth noting.

Indie game “Rust,” which was released on December 11, has reportedly sold over 150,000 copies in its first two weeks alone. Developed and published by Face Punch studios, known for developing Garry’s Mod, the game is a minimalist survival experience that launched in Early Access on Steam.

It’s an incredible number any way you look at it, especially considering the game retails for $19.99 and is unfinished. If anything, it further proves the success of the Early Access program.

Check out a chart comparing its sales with Garry’s Mods below: