At Least a Dozen Companies Set to Produce Steam Machines

Were you one of the lucky three hundred users who snagged a Steam Machine for free from Valve? No? Well, you certainly won’t have any trouble attaining one in the near future. Valve’s foray into the world of living room computing apparently has quite a bit of support from hardware manufacturers.

Last year, we found out that both Digital Storm and iBuyPower were set to make their own units per Valve’s specifications. Now ten new companies have been revealed, all of whom are expected to show their wares at CES 2014. These new partners are as follows: Alienware, Alternate, CyberPowerPC, Falcon Northwest, Gigabyte,, Next, Origin PC, Scan Computers, Webhallen, Zotac.

Why is there so many companies producing their own Steam Machines? There won’t just be “one” setup. A variety of systems will be made available from more consumer friendly rates to high end computers with price tags to match.