CES 14: Roku Jumps Into The Smart TV Industry With Roku TV

In the market for a Smart TV?  A fan of Roku?  Well then does Roku have a sweet deal for you.  Roku may be well known for their line of set-top streaming boxes, but the company has bigger goals for you and your TV.  Today at the Consumer Electronic Show 2014 the company unveiled the Roku TV, a line-up of Smart TVs equipped with the latest Roku software.

Those interested will be able to pick up a Roku TV in a variety of sizes ranging between 32″ and 55″.  In a clear attack on Xbox One, Roku TV will feature all the streaming capabilities of a Roku device and allow you to plug in your cable TV feed to enjoy all of your current content.

On the Roku side of things, all of the existing channels and services will be at your disposal.  This includes Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube and so much more.  Roku will also be releasing an app for iOS and Android devices that will act as a remote, or you can purchase a customized remote for the TV.

Roku has not announced any pricing for Roku TVs, but we will start seeing them released this Fall.   Depending on the price, Roku TV could become a threat to Microsoft’s dream of taking over the living room with Xbox One.  We’ll have to wait and see.