CES 14: SteelSeries Debuts Stratus Controller For iOS Devices

SmartPhones and Tablets have found themselves as a go to gaming platform for casual gamers and those who just want to play something quick on the road.  However, its hard to find a deep game like you’d find on a console.  This is mostly due to the fact that these mobile devices don’t have any physical buttons.  Developers have either had to make virtual buttons or forgo that and just feature screen-swiping action.

SteelSeries, developers of numerous PC accessories want to give mobile gamers the capabilities of console gaming with their new Stratus Controller.  This controller is available today for lighting-pin equipped iOS devices running iOS 7.  It can also be used with AppleTV through AirPlay.

The Stratus brings to the table all of the functionality of a real controller you’d normally find on consoles.  Four pressure sensitive buttons, a D-Pad, four shoulder buttons and dual analog sticks.  Unlike other controllers for mobile devices, the Stratus connects to the device via Bluetooth, thus allowing up to four players to play on a single device.  A full charge nets you 10 hours of battery life.  A protective shell is included that protects the device when not in use.  While playing, you can connect the shell to the back to add extra grip.

SteelSeries’ Stratus controller is available now for $99.99, a steep price considering Dualshock 4 and Xbox One controllers retail for $59.99.  Check out the Stratus in action below: