Don’t Count Out the Wii U Just Yet

Nintendo’s new gen console hasn’t been as hot as they’d hoped. It’s sold the least amount of units between the PS4 and Xbox One, despite being released over a year ago. There have been a few reasons contributing to its dismal sales, none of which Nintendo could really control after the fact. During the release, there were a lot of consumers suffering from economic hardships. There just won’t be enough buyers if they can’t afford the games, simple logic. Many people did not realize the Wii U was completely separate from the Wii, they thought it was just some add-on hardware. Perhaps better marketing and exposure would have solved that issue but it was too late.

In the past few months, however, the Wii U has seen an increase in sales. It outsold the PS Vita for the month of December in Japan and is the second highest selling system in the country behind its brethren– the 3DS. But in November, North American sales reached more than 200,000 units. This puts total sales slightly ahead of the Nintendo GameCube during that same time frame.

The reason why the Wii U isn’t out of the race is because of some upcoming titles. One of the sole purposes of fans buying the Wii was to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and thanks to the upcoming Wii U iteration of the franchise, it will be one more reason for console sales. The same went for the 3DS when the system made a huge spike in sales once it a highly desirable title in Pokémon was made available.

Of course, no Nintendo console is complete without a new Legend of Zelda game. The Wind Waker HD remake was not enough to increase sales simply because it was a remake. That’s not to say its quality was diminished, but many would rather pay for a new game than an old one. Other Mario, Yoshi and many more Nintendo characters still have new games yet to be released. There is still time for the Wii U to come back from the brink, and this is a far cry from another Gamecube situation, let alone a Virtual Boy one.