Gamers Turn Into Developers As Leadwerks Game Engine Arrives on Steam

People without formal training or any semblance of programming skills are normally excluded from the video game development industry. Thankfully, too, because we really don’t need another Ride to Hell: Retribution on our hands. Over the years, there have been plenty of programs that allowed enthusiasts to tinker with game making in the comfort of their own home. For that matter, there are entire online communities dedicated to the remaking of Pokemon games using RPG Maker — talk about a rush! It’s not strange, then, that Leadwerks Software, a company founded with powerful and easy to use game development tools in mind, has decided to share this glorious technology with the world through Steam.

After successfully pushing through Greenlight in a mere 27 days, Leadwerks Software have announced the launch of the Leadwerks Game Engine: Indie Edition, to be exclusively available through Steam. According to Leadwerks, it’s a program designed to make game development easy for Steam’s entire user base, with the benefit of a royalty-free license for making commercial products. Finally, the freedom to make my game about competitive staring contests and sell it.

The program boasts a new renderer built on OpenGL 4.0, which will provide high-end graphics comparable with modern games, a built-in level design tools to make design easy for those without the artists touch, as well as game code language, Lua. For those that don’t know, Lua is one of the easiest script languages to learn, and is used in many commercial games such as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and my upcoming open-world action/adventure/shooter, “Staring Contest: Damnation.” The company also notes that extensive documentation is included, which is great because even running the simplest game development software is probably an exercise in futility if you can’t figure out how to stop it from constantly telling you to give up on your dreams and get a real job. That could have been my parents, though.

Nevertheless, if you’ve been itching to push that crazy game idea you’ve had for years into motion, there’s no time like the present. The program is available on Steam for $99.99. Go ahead, prove your friends, co-workers, family and soon to be ex-wife wrong.