Harvest Moon Publisher Teases New Game Announcement At or Before E3

It’s a crying shame that Natsume isn’t more of a household name than it is. The publisher, best known for localizing gaming gems such as the Harvest Moon, Rune Factory and our personal favorite, Natsume Championship Wrestling, has an upcoming release later this month titled Yumi’s Odd Odyssey (known in Japan as Sayonara Umihara Kawase). However, the charming eShop-exclusive isn’t the only thing up Natsume’s sleeve.

When engaged in conversation on Twitter about future 3DS releases, a Natsume representative stated, “If nothing else, we always announce games at/for E3 — but we’ll probably have something sooner.”

Of course, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (that’s E3, people) takes place in June; so while it may be that we hear of something prior to that, the absolute worst case scenario is we have to wait six months for the company to discuss their 2014 line-up. Here’s hoping one of their announcements includes a North American release of Harvest Moon 3D: Linking the New World… because that game looks suh-weet.