Konami’s Latest Game Might Cost $40,000

Mech Battling games are great, but that didn’t stop them from dying with a whimper around the late nineties. I mean, there were actual Battletech Centers around the United States and now we can’t even get a new MechAssault. But meanwhile in Japan, the genre is flourishing with more mech-related games than you can shake a 300lb pulse cannon at. Perhaps the most popular venue to release these is the arcade, as it allows players to utilize realistic controls that make piloting a mech all the more rewarding.

One of the more recent series is Konami’s Steel Chronicle, which debuted in 2011. A cross between Border Break and Earth Defense Force, it’s grown to be quite popular over the past few years. In fact, Konami has enough faith in it that they’re releasing one of the most impressive arcade cabinets (if you can even use that word anymore) to come around in awhile.

As seen in the below flier scan that surfaced from The Stinger Report, Steel Chronicle Ganesh features a round (or dome) screen and surround sound that completely envelopes the player, an analog joystick, a foot pedal, a touch panel and vibration. As Konami has release similar 3D dome technology before at around $40,000, it’s likely that this will debut in that neighborhood.

Still, it’s a small price to pay for something that we want to live inside.