Summer Release Announced for Kingdom Under Fire II on PS4

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn isn’t the only MMORPG looking to make its way towards next-gen systems, as the developers of BLUESIDE have announced that it will be releasing Kingdom Under Fire II for the PlayStation 4 sometime this Summer.

Most notable for their work on Ninety-Nine Nights, the company has been recently flexing about taking their most popular role-playing online multiplayer and sharing it with the world, starting with Singapore and Malaysia. With an English version already being put into development and a confirmed cohesion with Sony’s next-gen powerhouse, BLUESIDE CEO Kim-Se Jung has showcased his passion for the game as well as some bright ideas for the console version.


“We will port the game to PS4 and it will have exclusive content,” Jung said.

“KUF2 is an action MMORPG but it provides players the RPG experience such as hero and troop progression. I’d like to mention a MOBA mode, where players control their heroes and have to fight their way through the enemy gates and finally destroy the enemy base. Last but not least, the game features guild war system and allows players to fight to take control of a territory in the open world.”

With this game still in development, it’ll be interesting to see how Square-Enix will handle their PS4 release of FFXIV, considering that they now have some sort of competition with these guys. The graphics for this game look stunning and has a fairly similar gameplay style to Dynasty Warriors—a formula that could definitely work well with the system’s diversity when it comes to game titles.

Peep the trailer below!