Bartop Arcades Become a Thing of the Past As Megatouch Announces Closure

Remember bartop arcades? They were the thing you played at a bar if you didn’t have any friends or were trying to pass time at a bar hoping a women would show up. Sadly, they’re now destined to become a relic of video game past as Megatouch LLC has announced its closure. After 35 years in business, Megatouch, the manufacturer responsible for most every bartop arcade machines, is ceasing all development and production of touchscreen terminals and associated software, the company announced today. There are only two Megatouch machines still being produced and supported at the time of this announcement — Megatouch Live and ML-1.

For those who still have the machines, Megatouch will provide limited technical support for the next three years. Additionally, ML-1 operators will recieve a free kit that will allow the machines to no longer require server connectivity.

In all honesty, it’s amazing the company was able to stay around as long as they were. Bartop arcades were quite novel in their time — if not downright futuristic — allowing customers to play touchscreen video games without even having to stand up. But as the majority of America carry touchscreen smartphones in their pocket which offer millions of games — many of which are free — they have simply become unnecessary.