CES 14: No Sign of Uncharted Or Any PS4 News

Sony’s CES 14 press conference has come and gone with no Uncharted mention.  Even more disturbing is the complete absence of the PS4.

Yesterday we reported on a rumor from Sony’s Scott Rhode hinting at an Uncharted reveal.  The tweet in question focused on a box for a Nathan Drake statue.  Sitting right in front of that box was a Dualshock 4.  Seeing as this came a few hours right before Sony’s CES 14 press conference many had assumed that we might be getting some news about Nathan Drake’s latest adventure on PS4.

Two hours passed and nothing came to light.  What was more disturbing is that Sony didn’t even mention the PS4 in any shape or form.  Many were expecting Sony to update the sales figures for the PS4 considering the fact that Microsoft had just announced that Xbox One had sold 3 million units.  Sadly, nothing was talked about.

Looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer for Uncharted and more PS4 news.