CES 14: PS4 Passes 4.2 Million Units Sold

During a CES keynote this morning Sony finally revealed just how well the PS4 is doing.  Hint: it’s doing amazingly.

Andrew House revealed that Sony sold 4.2 million PS4s by the end of December 28, 2013.  A truly astonishing number considering it has only been out for a month and a half.

“The momentum of the PS4 system keeps getting stronger and we couldn’t be more thrilled gamers worldwide are enjoying the incredibly immersive gaming experiences along with deep social capabilities and entertainment provided by our network,” House said in a prepared statement. “After a remarkable launch, we look forward to bringing even more exciting content and continuing to explore the power of the PS4 system by adding new features and services, including PlayStation Now, in 2014.”

This gives the PS4 a strong lead over rival Xbox One.  Yesterday, Microsoft announced that 3 million Xbox Ones have been sold worldwide as of the end of 2013.  Last night, many expected Sony to reveal PS4 sales numbers during their CES 14 Press conference, but no PlayStation news was announced.