CES 14: Sony Debuts New SmartBand and LifeLog App

Last night Sony held its annual Consumer Electronics Show press conference.  As a hardware manufacturer the company spent a lot of time going over brand new hardware they plan to release throughout 2014.  Thus comes SmartBand, a brand new smart-device that aims to log every moment of your life.

SmartBand is a multi-funtion device that is meant to pair and interact with Android smartphones and tablets.  Announced alongside the SmartBand is the LifeLog app.  Together, they are capable of tracking pretty much everything in your life.  Physcial activity, calories burned, hours slept, where and when you took pictures, how you’ve communicated with friends and even used as a device to control your media are all features of SmartBand.  By the way, it is also waterproof.

It is unknown if the device will have any functionality with PS4 or PS Vita.

No price was announced, but Sony plans on launching SmartBand sometime this Spring.  You can read more about the SmartBand and LifeLog app here.  Check it out in action below: