Final WWE 2K14 DLC Released Today

WWE 2K14‘s DLC has been revered for bringing the NWO back in gaming form, and allowed fans of newer stars like Big E  Langston and Fandango to play as them in a game. Today, the final DLC pack was released for the game in the form of the Legends pack. The free offering is Wrestling Superstar Virgil, while the paid portion includes Bruno Sammartino, Dusty Rhodes (in polka dots), Jake Roberts (perfectly-timed with his amazing appearance on Raw last night), and “Ravishing” Rick Rude – who Roberts had a memorable feud with in 1988. This pack also gives you more real-life superstar heads to create wrestlers with in the game’s creation mode – although sadly, Brock isn’t among them, so if you’re hoping for a 100% accurate version of him with sponsorship logos, you’ll have to stick with the community creations area.