Humble Indie Bundle X Launched – Joe Danger 2 and Runner 2 Highlighted

The Humble Bundle has had some iffy bundles recently, but this is one where every game in it is an easy recommendation. You can pay whatever you’d like to get To The Moon, Joe Danger 2: The Movie, Papo & Yo, and Runner 2. Each game is outstanding, with To The Moon offering up a sublime RPG experience, JD 2 offering up some platforming-influenced stunt racing, Papo & Yo being a relaxing puzzle/platformer, and Runner 2 being a super-fun runner with  a snazzy look and excellent soundtrack. Everything comes with an OST, and if you pay more than $6.84, you’ll also get Reus and Surgeon Simulator 2013. The former is a God game with a spherical twist, while the latter has received mixed reviews, and gathered a cult following for being so bad, it’s good. Both of those games come with soundtracks, although with SS 2013, I imagine it’s just a bunch of drills, people yelling STAT, and some bones cracking.