Crystal White PS Vita Available as Standalone Console for First Time Ever in North America

The Crystal White Vita is about as gorgeous as handheld gaming devices come. And we’re not sure saying that because of the effects of color fatigue (IE: the Xbox 360 starting off white and everybody yearning for a black one), it is clearly the sleekest variant of the console. Unfortunately, it was only ever available in the United States as part of the Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation Bundle, even though that was a pretty great game. Without warning, however, Amazon has listed a standalone Crystal White PS Vita OLED console available for shipping.

The console is priced at the standard $199.99 MSRP, but it’s the cheapest you’ll be able to get a brand new Crystal White North American model for. It’s unclear what promoted this (or if they’re simply repackaged consoles from unsold Assassin’s Creed bundles) or how long it will last, so it’s best to jump on it now and ask questions later if you’re in the market for a white PS Vita.

Plus, look how awesome the box is: