GameStop Hopes to Push PlayStation Now In-Stores

GameStop shares dropped by 9% after the announcement of PlayStation Now, a drop likely due to investors fearing that PlayStation Now will negatively affect the company’s used game business.  However, the video game retailer is quickly trying to right the ship. A public relations director for GameStop told GameSpot (say that three times fast) that they hope to work with Sony on pushing PlayStation Now in stores.

“GameStop has built a $600MM digital business, with most of the digital games sold through our stores. Similar to how we worked closely with our partner Sony to successfully sell the PlayStation Plus service, we are looking forward to working with them on including the new PlayStation Now service as part of our portfolio of gaming products we offer our customers,” the director said.

I’ve been predicting GameStop’s eventual demise for years, but something tells me the company will easily rebound from this and will survive once again. However, how many more of these close calls can GameStop take?