Microsoft Having Issues Delivering Xbox One Day One Content to Digital Customers

One of the more interesting/evil ideas Microsoft had for the Xbox One launch was “Day One” DLC – exclusive game content just for the folks who lined up at midnight to get their fancy new console. Retail Day One copies were available “while supplies last,” while digital copies bought up to two weeks after launch would include the content. It was mostly paltry stuff – extra cars to buy in Forza 5, a new map for Ryse, and Frank West and Chuck Green costumes for Dead Rising 3 – but it was a nice treat for early adopters/”fear of loss” motivator for consumers on the fence.

At least, it should have been, but digital customers on NeoGAF have reported difficulty redeeming their content, and Microsoft’s customer support has apparently been of little help. True to form, though, once an outcry was made, Xbox’s Major Nelson and Qwik sprang into action and offered their assistance. If you’re having trouble getting your Day One DLC for Forza and Ryse, you can tweet @XboxQwik, or you can email for issues with any of the games in question.

Good luck in getting your digital goodies, guys.