Robert Bowling Foils Attempted Robbery at Robotoki (‘Human Element’ Developer)

When former Call of Duty Strategist Robert Bowling left Infinity Ward to found his own studio, he probably didn’t think he’d be chasing away burglars, but that’s exactly what happened tonight. Assuming that Robotoki was closed down for the night, two men dressed in all black broke down the upstart game studio’s door and entered the premises — assumingly to steal the computers and other valuables that reside inside. What they didn’t count on, however, was that Bowling was burning the midnight oil. Instead of hiding and calling the cops or fleeing, Bowling immediately confronted the would-be burglars, chasing them back through the whole in the glass door they had created.

Thankfully for the studio, nobody was harmed and no property was damaged besides their front door. A studio security camera captured footage of the men (who laughably look like 1930s stereotypical cat burglars) and Bowling foiling their plans, which has been posted on Instagram. He’s asking for help identifying the men who fled the scene.