Shaq Fu 2 in the Works?

In what seems to be a world exclusive announcement, basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal revealed in an interview with GamerFitNation at CES 2014 that a Shaq Fu 2 is in the works. This is what the master and innovator of the Shaq Fu had to say about the game:

“The graphics look crazy”

If all of this is indeed true, then we’re in store for a next generation sequel to one of the most infamous video games of the Nineties. The original Shaq Fu was released for the Genesis, SNES, and other platforms. This fighting game has been brought up time and time again as an important history lesson, if you will, and if all goes as planned the current generation of gamers are in store for an important lesson in video game 101. Sometimes history needs to repeat twice.

While this is all coming straight from O’Neal himself, it will probably be wise to file this under ‘rumor’ until we get a confirmation from the actual developers. Sorry Shaq!