Sony and Turtle Beach Partner Up To Create Official PS4 Headsets

Sony was criticized last-generation with the PS3 for not including a headset in every box.  While chat flourished on Xbox 360, PS3 lobbies were left as silent as the grave.  To remedy this Sony has included a mono headset with each PS4, though it isn’t the highest quality mic on the planet.  To help make better headsets, Sony has enlisted the help of Turtle Beach.

Sony and Turtle Beach have entered into a partnership that sees Turtle Beach creating PlayStation branded headsets for Sony’s console.  These will be completely official and not third-party like Turtle Beach PS3 headsets were.  A multitude of different headsets will be released ranging from high-end tournament headsets to low-end cheap versions.  Turtle Beach has also confirmed that all PS4 headsets will also work with PS Vita.

PS4 launched last November in a good majority of the world.  Users quickly found out that their headsets they bought for PS3 were not backwards compatible.  A workaround has been discovered, but nothing official from Sony.  The same issue has popped up with Xbox One.

All of these headsets will be revealed sometime this Summer, possibly E3 2014.  They will launch Fall 2014.