Sony TV Beats Xbox One At Entertainment

Sony’s focus throughout the past few months wasn’t on some hostile living room takeover, bent on encompassing every facet of household entertainment. Instead, they aimed for existing PlayStation users, firing desired capabilities and services that would appeal to a single established market: the gamers. Microsoft wasn’t so clear with their direction, however. Rather than targeting their previously dedicated core market, Microsoft made the decision to spread the product thin, placing as much emphasis on what should have been secondary features.

During their CES presentation, Sony announced a yet to be named service that may very well force Microsoft to pass whatever torch their feature set represented. According to Sony, their service will bring live television, DVR support and video on demand to over 70 million devices. The service, which is entirely internet-based, is far more ubiquitous than Microsoft’s built-in features, as it provides a wider range of content without the external hardware requirements.

There’s currently no information regarding availability or pricing. We’ve reached out to Sony and will post the news accordingly.