Xbox One’s Halo Sequel to be named ‘Halo Next’?

So this one is a bit interesting. While we’ve all assumed that the newest Halo would be named Halo 5, continuing the numbered sequel system that has been a staple of the series with the exception of Halo Reach, the Official Xbox Magazine seems to have different read on the situation. On the latest issue of the magazine, multiple Xbox One games are named on the cover including Watch Dogs, Dragon Age III, Fable Legends and “Halo Next.”

Check it out (courtesy of Future Publishing):

Now, this could just be the way the publication is referring to Xbox One’s first original Halo game, but the fact that we’ve never seen it reffered to in that context before is certainly intriguing. If it were solely a placeholder, you’d think at the very least that it would be listed a “Halo 5” or simply “Halo,” the former of which has seemed to be the accepted working title of the game.

Do you think “Halo Next” could be the title of Xbox One’s first original Halo? Sound off  below!