Amazon Lists PS4 and Xbox One Versions of Rayman Legends for $40

Ever since Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition was confirmed to retail for $60, gamers have been worried that all these enhanced ports will receive the same price tag. This was backed up with GameStop listing Rayman Legends for $60, but Amazon currently has the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version for $40.

While this could mean Rayman Legends has a $40 MSRP, it could also mean Amazon simply slipped up. BestBuy also mistakenly listed Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for $40 shortly after its announcement, though Amazon has a good history of honoring their mistakes regardless of what the actual MSRP is.

In either case, if you’re interested in getting Rayman Legends, keep in mind that both versions have exclusive features. The Xbox One version includes a Vaas (Far Cry 3) costume for Rayman and Globox (as seen above), which looks pretty awesome. PlayStation 4 users miss out on the costume, but gain the ability to manipulate the world with the DualShock 4 trackpad. This would make the PlayStation 4 version closer, if not the same, as the Wii U and PlayStation Vita version.