High Moon Studios Now Working on Call of Duty?

With the purchase of Sierra Entertainment, Activision also received High Moon Studios, a company that’s known for Darkwatch and Transformers: War for Cybertron. Unfortunately, after Deadpool received a lackluster performance critically and in sales last year, the San Diego based studio was left with layoffs and concern over their future.

Well a job listing on High Moon Studio’s official page may suggest just exactly what they’re currently working on: Call of Duty. They’re looking for a Senior Lighting Artist to work on the Radiant Engine, something Activision has used for the Call of Duty franchise. The company has already been credited in Call of Duty: Ghosts for “Additional Support,” but they may end up being a permanent side team for aiding development from now on.

This would be an incredible shame considering High Moon is a talented developer who has put out some rather surprisingly memorable games. Here’s hoping they won’t remain exclusive to this as the number of studios working on the Call of Duty franchise will surely decrease as Activision plows the series into the ground.