Wasteland 2: Second Update

Welcome Rangers! As many of you may know, the Wasteland 2 early-access version went live Dec 13, 2013. Since then, the team at inXile Entertainment has been gathering bug-reports from fans, implementing fixes and continuing to expand and improve the radioactive wastes of the American Southwest. You can read our full preview here.

The second major update landed on January 8, and includes “performance enhancements across the board,” quick save/load options, as well as multiple modifications to combat, events and more.

The beta, which includes 30% of the game levels is on Steam for $59.99, with upgrades and updates as they’re made available. While a tad pricey, this version includes plenty of exclusive early-access digital goodies, such as Mark Morgan’s Wasteland 2 OST, two digital novellas set in The Wasteland world and a copy of the original Wasteland.

Fans that missed backing the original Kickstarter campaign should consider jumping in, although it will be some time before the game is entirely playable. Check back soon for news regarding updates and releases.