Winter Regional Pokémon Championships Begin This Weekend

Pokémon X and Y’s three month anniversary is on January 12, which happens to be one of the first days of the Pokémon tournaments. The tournament will kick-off its nationwide tour on January 11 in Doswell, Virginia. They will continue all the way until January 26. Each event is two days long and will consist of card matches and video game battles, some on both days and some only on one. Besides the actual tournaments there will be plenty of fun, friendly events throughout the day and it’s open to the public. If you think you’ve got what it takes to compete across the rest of the country give it a shot. Winners will receive booster packs, trophies and money prizes. They could also be invited to the World Championships taking place in Washington D.C. in August.

This will be the first tournament to feature Pokémon from the sixth generation. And the lack of Pokémon Bank will not affect teams. Only Pokémon naturally found in the Kalos region are permitted.  We hope you’ve got the best team possible. The new monsters and new cards at these events are very tough to compete against, so are the players. If your opponents aren’t prepared then you’ll blow them away easily. To get all the details on each tournament follow the link for video game information and this one for all the trading card details.