Rumor: February PlayStation Plus Offerings Revealed for Europe

When it comes to PlayStation Plus, people always want to know what the next free game will be. Thanks to an anonymous tip given to GamePointsNow, we might know what PlayStation Plus games will be free next month in Europe.

According to their source, Europe will be getting the following games for free with PlayStation Plus:


  • BioShock InfiniteĀ 
  • Metro: Last Light


  • Dynasty Warriors Next
  • Modnation Racers


  • Outlast

Despite this being a rumor, the list definately seems plausible. A month or two ago a PlayStation employee implied that BioShock Infinite and Persona 4 Golden were in the works for Plus, so that makes a lot of sense. Especially considering it’s one of the free games in North America. The really interesting thing about this update, is that Outlast is listed. This falls in line with its Q1 release and also implies that Drive Club will not be releasing in February. This also suggests that Drive Club will probably release in March and will be the next PlayStation 4 Plus game. Only time will tell, but Outlast would certainly be an interesting choice for PlayStation Plus.