These Guys Are Better At Punch-Out!! Blindfolded Than You Are With Both Eyes

Or one eye, depending on whether or not you are a pirate. In the past, we’ve covered and mocked how some people (like final boss Mike Tyson) can’t even make it past the hapless Glass Joe in the NES game Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! For anyone unfamiliar with the game, you can see yourself out because we here at Hardcore Gamer officially hate you forever. If you can’t take a hint and are still reading, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! is an NES boxing title that is more of a puzzle game than an actual sports game and is one of the best games on the entire system. It is known for its punishing difficulty and being the only way you can have Mike Tyson knock you unconscious without having the nasty concussion symptoms afterwards.

As part of a charity event for Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) 2014, gamer and possible human computer Sinister1 plays through the game without the benefit of seeing when the punches are being thrown. Well, to be fair, I guess it is incorrect to say he plays the game and a more accurate statement would be he utterly destroys it. He beats Glass Joe, Von Kaiser, Don Flamenco, King Hippo, and Great Tiger all without even being hit. He beats Bald Bull after being hit only twice. He makes it all the way to Mike Tyson before the dream finally dies, in the way that so many dreams often die: by being punched repeatedly in the face by Mike Tyson. He does this all without seeing anything at all. Getting to Mike Tyson in that game took me the greater part of my childhood, and this guy does it blindfolded in about half an hour. After receiving a much deserved standing ovation, he goes back and demolishes Mike Tyson with the use of his eyes as an encore. Apparently seeing things makes games easier. Who would’ve guessed?

AGDQ is an amazing event that is raising money for cancer research and attracts all sorts of insane gamers to pull off incredible feats. However, this one probably tops them all and currently stands as one of the most impressive game related exploits we’ve ever seen. Follow this link to see the insanity yourself and hold on to your jaw to prevent it slamming into your keyboard. If that isn’t enough for you, stick around after his run to watch Zallard 1 play Super Punch-Out!! for the SNES blindfolded – and beat it in one single playthrough. I always found Punch-Out!! to be the more difficult game, but there is no denying the impressiveness of either of these runs. It is great just watching the gradual build-up of excitement in the crowd, ultimately culminating with the audience going nuts after Zallard 1 finishes his run and rewarding him with uproarious applause and random hugs. Stop by here to donate some money to a good cause as well after your mind has been sufficiently blown.