Narrowing Down the Final Character in Ultra Street Fighter IV

After months and months of banging my head against the desk trying to figure out the fifth character to join Hugo, Rolento, Elena and Poison in “Ultra Street Fighter IV,” two final conclusions can now be inferred: Capcom should invest heavily in a Riddler suit and the last unannounced character is either likely a doll working for Shadaloo or Ibuki’s best friend.

First, let’s backtrack a bit. When the title update to “Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition” was announced back in July of last year, Capcom had dropped a few hints as to who the last character was going to be and for a while it was the only clues that we had at the time: the character would be making their fighting game debut and this character has yet to appear as a fighter in the Street Fighter series.

As usual, the internet as well as myself have tried tirelessly to find out who the secret person is. I even made an entire wish list of characters that I wanted to see lock up with Ryu and company. Considering the parameters set in place, making a guess at who it might be is hard considering the fact that Capcom has a track of disappointing their fan base by doing less work for more money. See Street FighterXTekken.

Since then, more clues have come to light. In a recent interview with Famitsu, Assistant Producer of Capcom Tomoaki Ayano had confessed that the final character to the newly revamped roster would indeed be a female. This would mean that Retsu is out of the picture or any other form of Akuma that the creative team could pull out of their magic hat.

And finally, the latest hint has been somewhat leaked from and it suggests that the final character will be extracted from the Street Fighter comics, or manga if you anime fans want to get technical. With these rules set in place, there are only two contenders that  fit the criteria and strongly stand out.

Let’s start with Capcom’s female rendition of Two-Face: Decapre.


As seen in the UDON comics of Street Fighter, Decapre is last of the 12 dolls in Shadaloo. Her viciousness comes from her ability to wield Vega’s claw and her extreme likeness to Cammy: blonde hair, move set and everything else in between. The only thing that separates Decapre from the master of the cannon spike is that that she was prototype, a carbon copy of the final and finished project. To top it all of, her signature looks aren’t complete without the mask, which is said to hide her face full of scars.

Like the rest of M. Bison’s broad-full of deadly assassins, the comics nor the Super Street Fighter IV OVA don’t go into much detail about Decapre other than he fact that she her body became lost as of a result of a fight between Juri and Cammy. With the upcoming title on the rise, this would be the perfect time to bring in one of the doll characters. Capcom is likely to choose Decapre because of one solid reason:

Considering the in-game models of Cammy and Vega, Decapre would take the least amount of effort.



Remember Capcom’s track record for less work and more money. This isn’t to say that a mash up of Cammy and Vega’s move set wouldn’t be able to body competitors in competitions, because a character like that has the potential to be in a mid-to-high tier standing and possibly being a one-up over world class Shoto players. However, Decapre would be the easiest make because Capcom has all the necessary resources to make a Cammy/Vega clone. See Oni, Evil Ryu, Yun and Yang.

We now move on to the second possible fifth character to fill up the last spot in Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ibuki’s best friend Sarai Kurosawa.


It’s hard to picture Capcom taking the high road with Sarai, especially since they’ll be making this particular character from scratch, but there’s more to Ibuki’s partner in ninja crime than meets the eye. Sarai has already built up quite a small, yet eye catching resume with her cameo appearances, starting with Ibuki’s Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike ending, followed by an appearance on Ibuki’s opening and ending cuts on Super Street Fighter IV. Topping it off her appearance on the Mishima Estate stage with Tekken’s Kunimitsu in “Street FighterXTekken,” it seems that Capcom has been hinting at this character for quite a bit. The conclusion as to why could be a myriad of possibilities, but I’m willing to bet on one that makes sense:

Street Fighter needs another goofy character aside from Dan Hibiki.


Given those happy-face yellow goggles, her spotty freckles and how she literally argued and chased Kunimitsu around the Mishima Estate stage, it’s clear that Capcom is vying for another character to bring another comic relief to the ‘ultra’ serious competition that’s about to unfold. This is especially considering the lineup of new characters, each destined to somehow change the tides of the tier standings and how the game will be played by virtuosos. Sarai Kurosawa definitely has the potential to make us laugh or even get into a gut-wrenching state of affairs with Hibiki while playing through her story in Arcade Mode.

Keep in mind, while these two candidates are — for the moment — the strongest guesstimate of the final slot, this doesn’t include the other brainwashed Shadaloo dolls nor does this include Street Fighter Alpha’s Rainbow Mika and her tag team partner Yamato Nadeshiko. Whoever Capcom chooses, let’s hope that all the guesstimates that the fighting game community has made have came at least close to what we were expecting.

However, this is Capcom we’re talking about. Anything can happen.