Xbox Support Twitter Account Hacked; Hackers Claim It Was Because Of Hilariously Bad Password

Things have been a bit rough over at the Xbox Supoort Twitter account (@XboxSupport) these past couple of weeks. First there was that incident where the official Xbox Twitter account sent a tweet to @XboxSupport asking for help setting up their system, in what was either a blatantly obvious accidental tweet from the wrong account or an instance of very poor intraoffice communication. A hilarious mistake, but ultimately harmless, which is more than we can say for the latest snafu. Earlier today, @XboxSupport was hacked by a group of individuals known as the Syrian Electronic Army who then sent out a barrage of “SEA was here” tweets, which I guess is the Twitter equivalent of graffiti.

While it isn’t particularly clear what the SEA was hoping to accomplish with this, they have laid the blame for the incident solely at the feet of whoever they have generating passwords over at Microsoft. As indicated by Twitter account of the hacking group and reported by dualshockers, @XboxSupport had a rather lacking password that would take most people about three guesses to get to. It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not this was the real password or if the SEA was just having a laugh, but according to them:

“A Microsoft employee wanted to make his password more stronger, so he changed it from “Microsoft2″ to “Microsoft3″ #Happened #SEA”

Oh dear. Apparently Microsoft has the password security of most of our grandmother’s email accounts. I’m really hoping this was meant to be a joke, because if not I don’t think this is the kind of company you want to trust with any of your personal information. Any individual working for Microsoft that thought “Microsoft3” was a good password only didn’t use “password” because it was too hard to spell. While it looks like things have gone back to normal over at the @XboxSupport Twitter account, we’d still recommend staying away from any dodgy links you see over the next couple of days. Don’t click on anything they send out until you are completely sure this issue has been resolved and Microsoft has changed their password to something a bit harder to crack. “Microsoft4” should be available and clearly much safer. It is a whole number higher in security!