Steam Week-long Deals Begin

Steam’s week-long deals have begun! Fans of saving money can get Razor 2: Hidden Skies for $75 off, taking it to $2.50, while Pool Nation and Turba each get 70% off sales taking their prices down to $3 and $1.50 respectively. Arena Wars 2 can be yours for only $1 – a 90% savings, while Iesabel is $3.74 and down 75%. Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters has a crazy-generic title and a logo that resembles Jet Set Radio Future, and will set you back $2 instead of $10. Survivor Squad gets a 50% drop down to $4.49, and Zombie Pirates can be yours for $3.74 instead of $15. Bad Rats: The Ratz’ Revenge looks like a $2 CGI film, and is 50 cents down from $5. Deep Black: Reloaded is $7.50 down from $30, offering up a massive dollar-amount in savings. Full Mojo Rampage gives players a voodoo twist to roguelike gameplay for $10 instead of the normal $20, while Naval Warfare gets an 80% drop taking it to $1 from $5.